Thanks to the broadband fiber service, Metro Ethernet Internet service allows you to connect to the internet with higher quality and faster. You will have symmetric upload and download internet connection with the Metro Ethernet service offered without sharing, without the need of protocol transformations, you will be connected to the internet more quickly.

Connection and Excavation Fee Campaign from Us

In Metro Ethernet Internet Service, Connection Fee Campaign, Metro Ethernet Internet offers discounts on Connection Fee by considering speed and commitment period in new subscription requests.

What Does Metro Ethernet Service Provide You?

Metro Ethernet Since it carries an end-to-end Ethernet package and does not need a package conversion, you do not need to make additional investments such as SDH and save on cost.
You can access the internet via a private non-shared line, and you can use the internet effectively with the bandwidth graphics offered over the MRTG interface.
Provides compatible infrastructure with point-to-point services and IP VPN services.
Your business continues uninterrupted and uninterrupted with unlimited data usage without quota and fair use point limits. In this way, your customers do not encounter any surprise wage differences due to quota overrun.
You can benefit from high speed options ranging from 5 Mbit / s to 10 Gbit / s. Because the service is symmetrical, the upload and download speeds are equal to each other. Although many Internet services focus on download speed, upload speed is also very important for your customers who need to send files with high capacity.