5651 What is the law?

  Due to the internet logging, which is one of the requirements of our age, individual and collective (cafe, hotel, etc.) areas such as the safe use of our laws and provide the conditions required by the Log process.

5651 What is the law?

On the fight against crimes committed on the Internet; 5651 is a law published on 23 May 2007 in the Official Gazette no.


5651 Purpose of the law?

The law 5651, which was officially enacted on 15 November 2008, was enacted and enacted in order to monitor and find the offender against the situations that could constitute a crime on the internet. In this way, it is aimed to prevent the cybercriminals committed on the internet significantly and to protect the users from internet and to protect them from malicious content which is not in legal content.



What Does the 5651 Act Mean?

Law no. 5651 does not constitute a recommendation for public institutions, private companies and users. The requirements of the relevant article of law have to be fulfilled. There are legal sanctions for relevant institutions that do not fulfill the article of the law. These sanctions; warning, fines, imprisonment, closure and suspension. It shaped.


The measures required to be taken by the law are in fact observing the interests of the users and, if not implemented, may cause financial losses to the user and cause loss of reputation for the related organization.



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